The following is needed to list an item for sale or for free:

  1. Photos of the item you wish to list. Photos should be clear and show the best views of the item (front, back, side, inside, etc.).
  2. General information about the item such as: make, model, year, color, ajdustable heights (if any), brand name, weight capacity, etc.
  3. Information about whether the item is new or gently used.
  4. The item's retail price and if you are selling the item, the price you are asking for it.
  5. Information about accessories: If the product was originally sold with accessories or any additional supplies, please include whether they are included or not included. If the accessories or additional supplies are not included, please say if the products are still manufactured and where they can be purchased. 
  6. Your contact information.


To list an item on the AT Marketplace for sale or for free, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Create an account on the AT Marketplace.
  2. Check the email address you used to create your account, and follow the instructions to activate your account. 
  3. Select the Contact Us link and contact the LATAN employee by email or phone.
  4. Send and/or communicate the required information about your item from the list above to the LATAN employee. The LATAN employee will then publish the listing on the AT Marketplace.
  5. You can give permission for LATAN to publish your contact information with the item, so that people interested in your item may contact you directly. Or, if you do not wish your contact information to be published, the LATAN employee will facilitate the exchange and will contact you when someone is interested in your item. 


*LATAN and the AT Marketplace will only be accepting photos and information on the items you wish to list. LATAN will not house items listed on the AT Marketplace and will only take possession of an item if it is being donated directly to LATAN, and then only as space allows

*LATAN reserves the right to refuse to list an item if it is determined that it could pose a health or hygiene risk, if it is in poor condition, and/or if it does not fit the description of Assistive Technology as defined in the Assistive Technology Act.